Our Service

Identifying the problem

The world is streaming toward globalization, where boundaries and cultural differentiations will be diminished, the people and their cultures will become homogeneous. The risk is to lose the value of diversity in voices, opinions and experiences. Day by day, we lose cultural preservation, allowing native languages and cultures to disappear, losing each unique perspective. Continuing to homogenize culturally, we may lose the opportunity of learning from different points of view and limits our ability to solve unique problems.

Our solution

Cultural preservation involves multiple approaches and steps. The media plays a huge role in preserving the cultural past, enabling people to share their traditions, religions and beliefs. When seen as saving physical and intangible heritage, the most viral ways to share with others are through education, digital technologies and community interaction. It is a way to safeguard tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Web application

CULTUREROOTS APP is a progressive web application that will help children and young adults learn more about their anthropological roots, country of origin, history, religion and cultures. It makes every search an intriguing journey into their past and an exciting exploration of their ancestry. It is proven that youth’s participation helps develop thinking skills, builds self-esteem, and improves resilience utilizing unique anthropological qualities and features of each culture.

CULTUREROOTS offers a few simple steps from signing up on the web-site, creating your unique ethnic profile to enable you to connect with people from your city or region. It allows users to meet with communities, share traditions and heritage culture between ethnic circles, educate children and youth about their roots. The proprietary web application will also give you access to the database with a thousand pre-selected and well-targeted materials about the selected ethnicity. The information is provided in a structured and ethically selected way concerning culture and religion. This allows educating young adults and kids and passes your knowledge to them to ensure that language and traditions still live with us.

And finally, CULTUREROOTS assists community centers to bring people in and stay connected despite any discrepancy or emergency or unexpected situations.

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