Welcome to the CULTUREROOTS

Culture is the essence of any vibrant society, manifested in the many ways we tell our stories, celebrate, remember the past, define our choices and see the future.

Hello! Salut! Ciao! Nǐ hǎo! Shalom! Hola! Hē! Salam! Privet! Hujambo! Sawubona! Anyoung! Yasou! Oi! Chào! Cześć! Konnichiwa! Bună ziua!

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

– Marcus Garvey

How can we save and nourish our historical heritage and maintain cultural identity?

Cultural heritage is the legacy of material artifacts and intangible attributes of a society inherited from past generations maintained now and preserved for future generations. Cultural preservation involves documenting and studying languages, encouraging conservation and using foreign, indigenous or tribal languages and rituals. Cultural legacy affirms our identity as a people as it lays a comprehensive framework for preserving the integrity of that identity.

So, what is the CULTUREROOTS?

CULTUREROOTS is an app that combines a vast data collection of heritage religions, folklore, traditions, opinions and views on life from a user’s country of origin. The web application also connects people to support the preservation of rituals established by their ancestors. The goal is to save the cultural differentiation and uniqueness and pass this cultural knowledge and wisdom to the next generation.

CULTUREROOTS shapes values, beliefs, and aspirations, thereby defining a people’s sense of national belonging. We are striving to create an environment that makes our community more inclusive and honouring traditions, where cultural preservation is a lifelong goal, and all individuals achieve their human potentials.

Do you know your roots?

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